Saturday, 24 November 2018

The struggles of social media

As of late, I feel as though this topic has been more widely spoken about, which is fab as it means I am not alone! However, it also makes me feel slightly disheartened that we all seem to be feeling just a little bit.. sad?

A few months back Katy and I took a break from social media. It's not something we discussed, it just kind of happened. We would see each other and be like 'yeah I haven't posted on instagram in over a month now' and it just continued on like that.
I think our creative juices had come to a halt as we seemed to be becoming ever more focussed on everyone else's 'success' and growth on instagram, that we ultimately felt like we weren't good enough and weren't achieving enough.

It's so hard these days not to compare yourself to others when you are constantly consuming so much information about everyone else's lives!

'How did they afford that house?! I want a super-duper lush house'
'Her skin is incredible, I want nice skin'
'How does she have 50K followers? I want my instagram to grow like that'
'How does she have so many amazing new clothes? I want lots of amazing new clothes' 
'Wow, their body is insane, I want to be that toned'

It just goes on and on and on. You see other people with their fabulous lives, sporting brand new clothes everyday, sitting outside flower-filled cafes and having the best time.. and you begin to believe you need these things to match up to everyone else. To show you are 'nailing life as a blogger'.
Of course, we only ever see a snippet into peoples lives via the internet and this needs to be remembered when we get caught up in a complete scroll fest. However, as we all know its 'easier said than done!'

Katy and I have been posting frequently on instagram again. The truth is, we love clothes and creating outfits and we love to share our outfits with others. We think instagram is a great tool in which to showcase your passions, so why should we be made to feel as though we aren't good enough to do this?
It really is the most bizarre thing when you realise that you are feeling down about your own life just because you are seeing snippets of other peoples lives on the internet, and it looks 'better'.
I still can't quite believe a little app on my phone was the cause of my self-doubt and misery! I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that but it's true. And utterly crazy.

Taking the break from social media was really what I needed to get myself back on track to feeling like myself again. I am now fully in the mindset of not caring what other people are doing, posting or in which way they are growing.
I no longer look at the numbers of my instagram ie. follower count and likes. Although its great to see a post do well or my followers have gone up, it really isn't the be-all and end-all in life and its not something I keep a tally on. At the end of the day, I'm posting this photo because I like it and I want to share it, if other people don't like it enough to double tap then thats absolutely fine. No harm done!
With that being said, if you ARE enjoying someones content, tell them! Give them a like or leave a comment.  It really is lovely to see that someone has taken the time to leave a thoughtful comment on your post! I do try to add comments to photos regularly to show I appreciate other peoples content and am enjoying it. Social media is a tough ol' world, its good to stick together sometimes!

About a month or so ago I decided to switch off all my phone notifications for social media platforms to allow my mind to breathe! I am trying to be more 'present' in all situations and having my screen flashing up all throughout the day was not ideal. But now, I am no longer getting distracted with constant phone pop ups and I can see my social interactions when I chose to go on the apps, so it works perfectly for me.

Thankfully, I am in a much better place than I was a few months ago and I will never let social media or comparison determine how I feel about myself and my life. I am happy, I like posting my outfits online and that's all there should be to it!

As you can probably tell, my reflections on social media are a little bit all over the place so to try and be concise with you guys and myself, here are my current thoughts: 

  • It would be fab if my instagram grew, but if it doesn't, that's still okay, I will always continue to post what I want and hope it does inspire others in some way.
  • Bloggers outside the flower-filled cafes do indeed have beautiful content, but it doesn't mean I need to do that in order to be successful.
  • Receiving likes and comments on my posts is lovely and I appreciate every single one, however I will not feel disheartened if my interaction ain't sky high! It's not worth it.
  • Social media is an amazing creation, but it is good in small doses and it's important to take time away from the online world to just 'be' in the real world.
  • Growth is different for everybody and there is absolutely no need to compare oneself to others, I'mma just let my creative juices flow how they want and see what happens.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sure a lot of us bloggers have had these comparison-fuelled, disheartening moments at one point, but life is too short to let an app ruin your happiness.

Thanks for reading,
Lucy x

Ps. Katy and I filmed a video chatting about this and a few other things a while ago. To catch up with that, watch it on youtube here

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