Saturday, 2 June 2018

You wanna know bout me huh? - Lucy

Well hunnies, to say its been a while is an understatement! This lovely little blog of ours has somewhat been neglected this year and whilst writing this I feel ever so sad that I've left it this long to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keys).

In the passed few months Katy and I have been really focussed on creating content for our youtube channel so our blog has taken a backseat. BUT we have received some really lovely comments about our youtube videos lately which make us smile from ear to ear, so thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to message us! We really appreciate the love.

As this seems to be my big blogging comeback.. I thought why not kickstart this sh'bang with a little 'get to know me'.
So, without further ado, here are some ridiculously random facts about MOI:

  1. I have always wanted to play the drums. They are so freakin cool! (and I'm pretty sure this is where my love for Haim comes from - everybody go to youtube and watch 'Valentine' IMMEDIATELY!)
  2. My previous career ambitions include: Vet, Architect and a Dancer
  3. My favourite film in the entire world is Toy Story!
  4. I eat hummus every single day
  5. For some unknown reason, I HATE my knees being touched.. and my nipples (can I say that in a blogpost? Who knows.. but it's out there now hahaha!)
  6. The most eerie place I've ever visited is Auschwitz in Poland
  7. I couldn't live without my dressing gown and slippers. Being warm and cosy is the best!
  8. I have a tattoo on my right bumcheek.
  9. An item of clothing I'll never get rid of is my American Apparel disco pants. Those things are the bomb and I would love to pass them down to my daughter one day. (when/if I ever have one..)
  10. I'm obsessed with mushrooms and add them to every meal possible as though they're some kind of seasoning.
  11. I was invited to audition for Love Island 2017 - and quite frankly I'm still outraged I didn't get chosen to go on the show hahaha!
  12. You will never catch me watching a horror film. I hate them and scare too easily.. don't end up sleeping for WEEKS.
  13. I invented a cocktail called 'Juicy Lucy' and it's on the menu in a cocktail bar in Somerset.
  14. Skydiving in Dubai is the best thing I've ticked off my bucket list so far!
  15. The most worn item in my wardrobe is my mom jeans (or dressing gown, obvs.)
  16. Once when I was a little worse-for-wear, I fell asleep in a pub toilet. I woke up several hours later in the dark and very confused. I then set off all the alarms and had to call the police for them to let me out. Ah, such fun!
  17. I strongly believe in laughing until your belly hurts.
  18. My proudest moment of 2018 is completing a Half Marathon (okay, okay that's the last time I mention it. I promise.)

So, that's all guys. I hope that this has been the most insightful and inspiring blogpost you have ever read! Or at least, you've learned something about your favourite blonde chick.

Please check out our youtube channel here: Dressed By Two

and I'll see you in the next one!
Lucy x


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