Sunday, 2 April 2017


Hi everyone!

Lucy asked for stacking rings for her birthday, so I took myself down to our local Pandora a few weeks ago. Whilst looking for a nice pressie, I also couldn't help but imagine what all the beautiful rings would look like on my very own hands - I found myself getting carried away! Never had I been fussed about buying a Pandora ring in the past but now, I wanted 20.

Whilst swooning over all the fabulous rings with a Prosecco in one hand (nice touch Pandora), I thought it would be really nice to buy a matching ring for myself, Lucy and our elder sister Kelly. I shared my idea with my sisters and they both loved it, so today we headed down to the store to make a purchase.

After trying on nearly every ring in the shop, we all decided and fell in love with the Radiant Elegance Ring. I couldn't help myself and decided to buy the Eternity ring also - to give my other ring some company, of course.

And here they are - the babies themselves!

I'm desperate to add to my stacking ring collection - if you know of any cool shops to buy some, please let me know!

Love, Katy x


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