Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Now that November has crept up on us, we've decided to bring out our first Christmas Gift Guide. Before you mention it, no it is most definitely not too early to start thinking about Christmas. Who else feels like July was only a couple of weeks ago...? GUYS IT WAS 15 WEEKS AGO!

Our first Christmas Gift Guide is for someone who really appreciates a good brew. That someone who can't "possibly start the day" without a warm cup of goodness. Someone who embraces all sorts of tea making apparatus! So if you have a friend, colleague or family member in mind, read on my friends...

For only £9 your lucky someone can receive:
80 x Twinings English Strong Breakfast teabags
100 x Twinings English Breakfast teabags (in its own re-usable caddy)
Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Oat Crumbles

If you're someone who doesn't like to faff with wrapping, this is a win win situation! The gift arrives ready to give, as it comes within its own gift bag.

2) Heart or Teapot Tea Strainer - £6
If you're buying a gift for a tea fanatic, chances are they love loose tea leaves or infusions. Sometimes they can be a bit on the pricey side, so check out these amazing tea strainers from Miss Etoile. We LOVE their quirky shapes! 

3) Travel Flask - £14
If you know someone who wants to keep their tea addiction on the down low and is somewhat into photography, this undercover flask is perfect. No one would even know it has tea inside! (Please note: the giftee should have slight interest in photography otherwise their cover may be blown).

4) Glass Teapot - £12
For those who like all things modern, sassy and stylish!

5) Watering Can Teapot - £12
Irresistibly cute and comes with 5 x English Breakfast tea bags, hellll yeah!

6) Taste Card - £79.99
This is the most expensive gift on our list and it isn't only for tea lovers. A TasteCard is a yearly subscription to enjoy 50% off entire food bills OR 2 for 1 on meals. You can use the card in well over 6000 restaurants and cafes including independent and chain brands! All restaurants vary but most of them allow the card to be used for an entire table, so technically you may even benefit from this gift yourself! (We're assuming you will at some point be invited out with the Taste Card holder, and with a present like this, we should bloody hope you are!)
Ok so now for the best bit. Your tea loving mate may even find themselves getting 50% off of a CUPPA CHA! What could be more sweet? We just don't know.

7) Personalised Mug - £9.99
Who doesn't love a bit of personalisation? This is a girly mug but Etsy has tonnes of personalised mugs to choose from!

8) Afternoon Tea For Two - £34.00
This voucher is valid for at least 11 months and can be used in over 30 locations! Afternoon Teas are the best place to take a tea addict as they'll get the chance to try all sorts of infusions and blends! AND eat cake. With this gift you're well on your way to being awarded the best present giver, ever. 

We hope this helps and we can't wait to bring you our next Gift Guide. Comment below or shoot us an email of any Gift Guides you'd like to see,

Lots of love, Lucy & Katy


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