Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Lucy's Halloween picks

It's October.. So shall we all say HELLOOOO to Halloween?!
Although I am yet to make plans for the upcoming event (can someone pur-lease just throw a banging house party and invite me already..) I have been browsing online for some inspo. Here's what I have found!

1. Pumpkin dress - £12
So cute, yet so sassy! Who says you can't wear a bodycon dress that's bright orange?

2. Skull earrings - £5
Just to add the most tiniest of accessories for Halloween.. Perfect for wearing to work!

3. Spike choker - £8
Not just for Halloween, I'd wear this all year round..

4. Ears & veil hair band - £7.99
Obligatory accessory for all gals this time of year. Amiright?

5. Spider web leggings - £14
Obsessed with these barely-there leggings. Possibly the easiest thing to chuck on for the night!

6. Velvet boots - £55
A little bit of a splurge, but these will carry you all the way through A/W.. Imagine these on Christmas Day! Ooooh, the shivers of delight.

If you're heading out, this is perfect. If you're staying in, this is perfect.

8. Skeleton tights - £10
These are definitely my favourites out of all the halloween tights I've seen!

9. Jumpsuit - £45
Watch. Those. Heads. Turn.

10. Devil horns & tail - £7.99
A fancy dress favourite year after year..

11. Hair spider kit - £5
Definitely saved the best until last.. This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Fuss-free hair? I am totally in!

Well guys, I hope these things tickled your fancy as much as me!

Thanks for reading, and keep me posted on any party invites..
Lucy x


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