Saturday, 10 September 2016

Dressed by Lucy

Hey homies, whaaaaaats up?

I wore this sassy little number on a Sunday Afternoon Tea visit, which was just divine! I did take some pictures of the sandwich/cake stand, however the lighting was not in my favour so I've had to abort all attempts of sharing them in this post! Sorry food lovers.

Anyway, back to the outfit.. I am in love with the colour of this! Pastels will just never go out of style.. even in A/W.  Yet, this does come in 5 colours so take your pick on pastels or not.

I feel like this jumpsuit was made for me! It is so comfy, literally felt like I was sat in my pyjamas all day, and realistically, who doesn't want that? Amiright?
Because of its flexible material, I was able to happily scoff down some delicious scones without feeling a single hint of that tight, trapped feeling you get when you wear jeans on a bloated day! HURRAY! Nonetheless, I wouldn't have minded adding a bit of tit tape to the garment as it is quite low cut, so when you sit down.. A nipple COULD be exposed. Watch yourself there huns.

So, this is the perfect jumpsuit for all types of galavanting/eating copious amounts of foods.. Not so perfect for sashaying down the high street on a windy day (unless you have tit tape, ofc.)

Jumpsuit: boohoo
Shoes: boohoo (similar)

In other news.. I'm off to IBIZA today sooo... I'll see you in the next one!
Lucy x

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