Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lucy's ASOS Festival Picks

Hello guyssss!

If you are following Katy and myself on instagram, you will know how frequently we talk about being excited for Glastonbury Festival! AND, seeing as it is now JUNE it is officially the acceptable time to be absolutely, most definitely buzzdogs for glasto! HURRAH!

I can't stop looking at all things festival online, so I thought I'd do a little round up of things that are on the must-have list, as well as my lust-have list..
Whichever festival you're attending this year, I hope you get a little inspiration from this!

A cute pair of shorts is a definite must-have on my list! Hopefully the weather is guna be dandy whilst you're festivalling, so these would be perfect to tan your pins! The embroidered detailing is just too perfect.

A cross body bag is such a handy thing to have on you. This is the perfect size to keep your essentials in (festival ticket, money, phone/camera, lipgloss and glitter..) and it also leaves your hands free to clap and wave to the jams. And.. its a PINEAPPLE! :)

3. Wellies - £18
As we know, the British weather can be temperamental so a pair of wellies are ESSENTIAL. There really is nothing worse than a huge muddy field being trampled on by thousands of people and you have only brought your super cute, ever-so-glitzy sandals with you.

4. Crop Top - £26
The sun is out, you need a tan and you want to look flyyyyy. This top.. Sorted.

5. Pastel Trainers - £15
Fingers crossed you won't need your wellies the entire time you're away, so a gorgeous pair of trainers will sort you out! You can forget how much you walk around whilst at a festival until you're there, so you'll be thankful for investing in a pair of comfy shoes beforehand.

6. Pom Pom Playsuit - £18
The easiest thing to wear in the sunshine, and I absolutely adore the pom pom detailing!

I don't think anything says 'festival garms' quite like this statement maxi dress. It is sheer, it's lacy and has fringing! God bless the creator of this masterpiece.

8. Co-Ord Top - £18.99 Skirt - £24.99
The cuteness of this co-ord is unreal! I love all the pretty colours woven in together for the aztec design. You can even wear tons of jewellery with this and still not look too overdone.

9. Sequin Scrunchie - £6
This melted my heart as soon as I saw it! You can get hot and sweaty in amongst the crowds so taking some scrunchies with you is crucial, and with this jazzy one, it'll look cute around your wrist when its not in your hair. #nailedit

10. Sequin Bum Bag - £20
A bum bag is one great way to keep your belongings with you, safe and always in eye-view! It's big enough to hold your bits and pieces, yet small enough to not feel weighed-down by it. (and you can never have enough sequins in your life)

11. Monki Sunglasses - £10
Sunglasses are definitely on the must-have list! ASOS have the widest selection online right now so there's plenty to choose from. I loved these simple, thin-framed glasses with that festival-esque round shape!

12. Joggers - £18
One thing I'll be taking this year which I didn't last year is a comfy pair of joggers. It rained quite badly one evening and I needed to chill in my tent for a while, these would have been a god-send for me to change into to keep warm and dry during that time! These are literally going straight in my basket.

13. Belt - £10
Whenever I see a belt like this, I am instantly reminded of festivals. I saw so many Coachella outfits that included a nice, chunky belt that it seems practically a staple piece?

14. Crochet Bralet - £26
What is a summer festival without a little crochet? NOTHING, I TELL YOU. I loved this little black one as it would go with everything! It's so simple and cute.

15. Pac a Mac - £22
Another necessity on my list as you never know what the weather may bring! You want to enjoy every minute you can whilst you're away, so don't let the rain dampen your spirits! One of the highlights of glasto last year was watching Catfish and the Bottlemen.. Even though it was chucking it down! Take note people :)

16. Co-Ord Top - £28 Skirt - £30
Another multicoloured co-ord, but it had to be included. I feel I might be slightly TOO obsessed with this. The bold colours are a yes from me.

17. Playsuit - £30
I can't believe this is only £30! You know you could wake up in the morning, chuck this on and instantly look chic. Easy dressing at its finest.

18. Shorts - £30
Lastly, these gorgeous black shorts, with the distressed holes and fraying detailing.. Sadly they don't come with those fabulous set of legs, but they would go with pretty much every top you would ever take with you to a festival. I think thats pretty ideal, don't you?

Some other things that are ideal for festivals:
Baby wipes: who needs a shower when you can cleanse your whole mind, body and soul with one quick wipe with one of these bad boys?
Torch: Finding your way back to the correct tent can be difficult in the pitch black. Hopefully you'll be staying out till the sun comes up, but you never know. These are super handy.
Glitter: No explanation needed, except: The more, the better.
Cosy pyjamas: even when its scorching during the day, night times can still be pretty cold! A good set of jammies will hopefully keep you snug.
Sandals: if they give good weather, it might be nice to pack a pair of sandals to let those toes loose!
Portable phone charger: festivals are a great way to meet new friends as well as catch up with old friends, so you'll want to stay contactable.. and probably take some snaps of your fave bands! Don't get caught out with a dead battery!
Ear plugs and eye mask: you probably won't be sleeping all that much, but these are literally the holy grail when you're trying to catch 40 winks! There's so much going on around you that it's nice to block it all out when you can.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys!
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Thats all from me, finally!
Love, Lucy x


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