Sunday, 19 June 2016

Dressed By Katy

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday Lucy and I went shopping to get us prepped and ready for Glastonbury Festival! Lucy and I both agree that we are each others best shopping partners. No one else has ever met the criteria required for the role. You see, we have a very clear and practised plan of attack: 

1) We'll decide what shops we're going to and in what order
2) We'll march in, take a good overview of the shop and dive into the section that's caught our eye, literally.. Lucy is small yes, but if there is an article of clothing on the floor with some sort of jazzy print, you can bet your bottom dollar Lucy has literally dived on the floor to collect it
3) In case we get lost in the moment and lose each other, we keep our phones handy to alert one another we have successfully covered all areas of the floor
4) We re-group and go through our finds. This last step is the most important just incase we've picked up the same item or need to eliminate some pieces we know they don't need.

Having just blown our own trumpets on being crowned the best shopping partners, we also have to say we're each others WORST shopping partner also. We get carried away and forget the whole reason we even came shopping. We egg each other on to buy that top because it would look SO AMAZING with a pair of trousers we're going to buy in the next shop. Yeah. That's what its like shopping with us. We of course complete all of the steps above every single time but it's safe to say that as a result from today, we're not prepped for Glastonbury.  We went shopping with one goal and failed. I have come home with 1 slightly festival-esque item and if I'm honest, after todays performance, I'm looking for a new shopping partner. Applications are open and I'm ready!

Anyways, on to my outfit:

Top - £16
Jeans - £22
Scarf - £12 (similar)
Boots - £34.99 (similar)
Hat - £11

See you soon, Katy x


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