Monday, 18 April 2016

H&M's World Recycle Week

Hey everybody!

So, today marks the start of H&M's World Recycle Week and I wanted to write a little post about it to hopefully spread the word about their goals.

H&M were the first fashion brand to launch a global garment collecting scheme back in 2013 and since then they have collected 25,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing. The reason for this collection is simple - why should any fashion go to waste when it can be re-used or turned into something new?

Unwanted clothes and textiles from any brand and in any condition can be handed in to a H&M store and they then go to:
  • Re-wear - clothing that can be worn again will be sold as second hand clothes in charity shops
  • Re-use - old clothes and textiles will be turned into other products such as cleaning cloths
  • Recycle - everything else is turned into textile fibres, or other use, such as insulation
H&M works for a sustainable fashion future which means they want to create a closed loop for fashion, where old clothes can be turned into new ones without using additional materials.
The diagram below shows how we should not be wasting fashion and adding to our landfills when it is unnecessary:

It is H&M's goal to collect 1,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing and textiles during this years World Recycle Week! So, this is your opportunity to help out with this goal and to also clean out your wardrobe!

For this week only, H&M are allowing customers to take in as many bags of unwanted clothes as they want.. And for each carrier bag full you give in, H&M will give you TWO £5 off vouchers to spend in store. Usually you can only hand in two bags per day and receive only one voucher, so this is a great excuse to get rid of the things that have been hanging in your wardrobe for years and will most definitely not see the light of day again!
So, what are you waiting for? See you down at the nearest H&M store!

To find out more about H&M's sustainability work, click here
To view the amazing music video that was created to help the WRW cause, click here
And don't forget to check out H&M's conscious clothing available online and in all stores (just look to for the green conscious hangtag).

Together we can contribute to a better world - long live fashion!

Thanks for reading, 
Lucy x

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