Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dressed by Lucy

Hey guys!

I've got a plain and simple recycled outfit post for you today. Well, when I say recycled I just mean these are some pieces that I've owned for a while and I'm bringing them back out to play!
However, I will be talking about actual recycled clothes in a blog post next week so keep your peepers open for that!

March seemed to be a really tough month for me money-wise so I didn't really get the opportunity to buy some lovely new clothes. Yeah, my heart aches about this too. Buuuuut, its a new month so onwards and upwards from here on out! And we (me) will hopefully be welcoming some new additions into my wardrobe this week. *Hello ASOS, I see you got a bangin' sale goin' onnn*
(P.S. Check out Katy's pick of the ASOS sale here)

Top: H&M
Denim gilet: New Look
Shoes: River Island
Bag: New Look

The sun kept going in and out during the snapping of this look so I apologise that some photos have come out slightly darker than others! That's Britain for ya!

Thats all from me today folks!
Love, Lucy x


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