Sunday, 24 April 2016

Dressed By Katy

Hey yallll, 
Ever since Missguided sold out of that amazing faux suede mustard jacket last year, I've been on the hunt for another version. It was just so dreeeamy.

Now before we get into anything, there is some serious myths flying around such as:
  • Sleeping with wet hair makes you catch a cold
  • J-Lo doesn't age
  • Zara is REALLY expensive
I have always believed Zara to be a forbidden forest for me, because Instagrams #ZARA feed is telling me I lika' the clothes, but I was always led to believe my purse didn't lika' the price. 

But guys, I need to tell you that I've been living a lie. My life has been a complete and utter lie. I've missed out. I've missed out on what I can only imagine would have been the most colourful, structured and heavenly wardrobe. I'm not alright about it. I'm a confessed shopaholic and I can't bare anyone else to go through the trauma I've been through. GO. TO. ZARA! 

So like I said, I've been looking for a mustard jacket for nearly a year now and whilst in London a few weeks ago, I walked past a Zara store that had the most amazing mustard jacket in the window. I honestly have not stopped thinking about it since, so I bit the bullet and took a look online. OMG. I freaked. There are t-shirts available from £5.99, dresses from £9.99 and shoes from £19.99! To top it off, my jacket was a nifty £40!! Of course, like with any brand, there are more expensive items on the site too - but with the majority of pieces being reasonably priced, it makes it OK to treat yourself.

I had an absolute field day adding clothes to my basket, so pleased be warned - my next few posts are likely to be filled with my new best friend, Zara.

Jacket - £39.99
Dress - £15.99
Mules - £49.99

If you've been a victim of Zara neglect, I encourage you to visit Zara.Com and hyperventilate with me. 

I'll see you in the next one, Love Katy x


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