Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dressed By Katy

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I wasted ages staring into my wardrobe, crying a lil' and thinking "but what even goes with a denim midi skirt?". After trying all sorts of things and creating some crazy ensembles, I ended up selecting a denim top. I have never rocked double denim before and I have no idea why. It looks so casual but put together.

My 'belt' is actually a trimming which I ripped off a hat a few years ago and then regretted straight away. I often add it to jeans and recently I wore it as a choker because I am so creative and so Tumblr. I love finding things around the house and using them to spice up my wardrobe. I also added some beaut white sandals that I'm sure I could run a marathon in - if I could actually run - THATS, how comfy they are.

My earrings are from Susan Caplan and God bless that woman and her amazing vintage finds. If anyone doesn't know her, check her website out here.

Top - £15.00
Skirt - (Similar here £25.00)
Shoes - £8.99

See you soon, Katy

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