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Wedding Styling Guide ft The Folly Boutique

With wedding season right around the corner, you won’t have any of those “but what shall I wear?!” episodes, as we’re bringing you a go-to-guide on how to dress for the occasion. This post is purely for guests, but if any Brides out there want our advice on styling, hit us up!

We’ve teamed up with The Folly Boutique and every look has been styled around their amazing jewellery and accessories. The Folly Boutique is a unique company and brings something we bet you’ve never tried before! They allow customers to hire their gorgeous pieces over a 3 or 6-day rental period. So not only can you wear beautiful and luxurious pieces for only a fraction of the retail price, you’re also able to spice up your jewellery collection a lot more frequently with this nifty scheme! The Folly Boutique have such a wide collection, you’ll be able to find suitable pieces for anything, from a day at the races, weddings, prom, graduation – you name it, you’ll find something.

We were over the moon when The Folly Boutique contacted us and found it really difficult selecting our pieces because they stock some pretty amazing designers such as Lizzie Fortunato, Akong and Mawi.

So here’s how it works:

  • Have a browse through The Folly Boutiques website. You can filter their pieces by ‘View All To Rent’ if that’s what you’re interested in because they also offer items to be purchased (can they get any better?)

  • Select how long you’d require the rental (3 or 6 days) and which date you’d like your rental to start

  • Pay for your rental in advance

  • On the first day of your rental, your item will arrive to your house by post and you can then wear it and show it off

  • When it’s time to say goodbye, return it into its prepaid returns bag and post it back

So to kick off our Wedding Styling Guide, Lucy shows her take on styling a co-ord. Co-ords have been on trend for so long now and they ain't budging. A classic and sophisticated co-ord will last you a life time as it can be worn in so many ways and to so many events. Co-ords are a perfect choice if you're spending a full day with the bride and groom as they work so well in all climates! If you take the jacket off, you'll still look neat and elegant.

Nothing goes better with a structured co-ord than a crisp white shirt and a statement necklace. The teardrop necklace is by St. Erasmus and is only £30 to hire for 3 days. With its mixture of gold, white and milky tones, it can go with pretty much anything. 

Next up, we have Katy styling florals. It is never inappropriate to wear florals to a wedding so we had to cover them in our Wedding Styling Guide. If you're heading off to a wedding in the snow you could wear a dark winter floral dress, or if you're making your way down to a wedding on the beach, you could opt for a bright and punchy floral skirt. No matter the weather, florals are a big yes from us.

Katy opted for a light mint green jumpsuit that has flowers and leaves detailed throughout. The style of the jumpsuit is perfect for Weddings as not only can you break it down on the dance floor (wide leg trousers we love you) but the bandeau neckline creates the formal touch.

To compliment the outfit, Katys wearing Lolu Rhoda's Empire Green earrings and bracelet. For only £12 to hire the earrings and £18 to hire the bracelet, it'd be rude not to! The pieces are so gorgeous and when they're caught in the light, they look even more magical.

Moving on to styling Tulle, Lucy demonstrates a way to actually wear it without feeling like you should be in the Swan Lake. Tulle in itself is difficult to style but a maxi tulle skirt could be tricky! The last thing anyone wants to do is take all the attention away from the Bride, so if you are opting for a statement skirt, we'd definitely recommend playing the rest of the outfit down.

Lucy wears a high neck grey jumper to balance the outfit out. This jumper is perfect with the skirt because it still looks smart as it isn't too oversized. To really bring the outfit together, Lucy wore this amazing Akong chain and beaded bracelet. It's such a cool piece as it sits really low on the wrist and gives a modern feel. The bracelet is £36 to hire over a 3 day period.

Up next, Katy shows her take on Tweed. Tweed has mainly been used for blazers in the past but recently we're seeing it for skirts, culottes and jumpsuits. No question about it, tweed always looks classy and stylish so its perfect for a wedding. Most tweed-like fabrics are of a darker hue, so you may have to find some accessories to lighten the outfit up.

Katys a sucker for a jumpsuit and found the most amazing one! It's made with unlined woven fabric that ties at the waist and has kimono styled sleeves. It has a slouchy effect so to smarten the look, navy heeled boots with a crocodile effect were added along with this amazing Michael Millinery Hat. It's £27 to hire for 3 days and you can opt for it to arrive with or without the veil. In our opinion, the veil adds that extra dash of quirkiness and can be draped across your face as much or as little as you like. It was fun to wear something a little different and completed the look entirely.

Evening Do'
For our last part of our Wedding Styling Guide, Lucy shows you what to wear for the evening do'. You can never go wrong with a maxi dress, they ooze classiness and give you that 'black tie event' vibe. 

Lucy has chosen this gorgeous grey crepe dress that is perfect for the occasion. The material is lightweight but is structured enough to hold everything in place. The neckline paired with the wide cut cuffs make this simple dress interesting. To jazz it up, Lucy is wearing a simplistic necklace by Rebecca Gladstone. It's subtle but works perfectly for this look. The necklace is only available to purchase for £35, but with a price tag like that, why don't you spoil yourself?

 We’ve absolutely loved styling and writing our Wedding Styling Guide and hope you've enjoyed it too. We cannot recommend the Folly Boutique enough and have enjoyed collaborating with them. We've styled only 6 pieces of their extensive collection, so go take a look as you're bound to fall in love with something..

We'll see you in our next post,

Take care, Lucy & Katy 


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