Friday, 11 March 2016

Meet Katy

We always pick up the free magazines in shops and create our own little Pinterest boards around the house. There's nothing like a good bit of inspiration for free. In this seasons River Island ladies magazine, they have a 'Meet The Model' page and ask the beautiful Lily Donaldson a few questions. I loved the article and thought I'd so something similar on the blog so you could get to know me. I switched up the Title name to 'Meet Katy' as obviously and very sadly, I ain't a model. Basically, I haven't been scouted yet. I'm sure my time will come....Yeah. Must wait.

On my days off I like to: Walk, chill out, go out for dinner, see something new.

Last thing I bought:  Rimmel London 60 seconds super shine nail varnish in 340, Berries & Cream. It gives me life.

Where did you grow up: Yeovil, Somerset, England! The land of tractors and one nightclub, there's no place like home.

The last country I visited was: France. I spent NYE in Paris with my babe Adam and it rocked!

If I wasn't a blogger I'd be: a Lettings Officer (which is what I currently do).

The last film I watched was: The hangover with my sister and Mum. There was far too many boobs on screen to watch with any family member.

And what is your favourite line from the movie? "Nobody knows Stu like I do". 

My party trick: I always created a pair of boobs with a napkin when I was younger but forgot how to! I'm going to take it upon myself to learn it again.

My favourite food is: hmm I wish I could say an Avocado or something but its 100% chocolate.

You'll catch me on the phone too: My bestie Emily or a surveyor from work.

Instagram or Snapchat: Snapchat is a 24 hour thing, Instagrams for life.

You'll often find me saying: "What a time to be alive!" - because it annoys Lucy slightly.

But first... Tea: EVERYDAY.

The last thing I think about at night is: How I wish Adam would stop snoring.

My favourite TV shows are: I'm more of a series kind of girl. I love a good old' drama with a hint of crime.

My most expensive purchase was: My car (fiat 500 Lounge in Cappuccino/Beige).

Most wanted item? A vintage Chanel necklace.

Life before smart phones: Was dancing and calling my mates home phones.

Facebook or Twitter: Tweet tweet everyday.

Middle name: Marie! (There are 2 Hebrew meanings, some say "Sea of Bitterness" and some say "Lady of the Sea" I think I prefer the latter..) 

Favourite City: London amazes me but Amsterdam is so cool. I could definitely live there.

Do you speak another language? I've tried okay, but I suck!!! I've amazed myself that I studied French for 5 years but all I can say is un, deux, trois.

Favourite restaurant? A little restaurant from my little town called The Green Room, but I do love a cheeky nandos.

Pc or Mac? Mac.

Wardrobe staples? Right now - culottes, chunky knitwear, heeled boots, sunnies and big hats.

And, thats a wrap! I tag MarthaMolly but also anyone else who is reading this as I'd love to have a read. Anyone who doesn't have a blog, now is the time to make one, as this is the perfect first post! Don't forget to tag me so I can read it.

Love, Katy


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