Saturday, 5 December 2015

Dressed By Katy

Long time no see! I'm sorry guys, it's not you, it' I haven't been posting regularly since I started my new job in May and in-between adjusting to working full time again, I've been on a few trips too! I visited Amsterdam, Dubai, Krabi and Bangkok. I've had the travel bug sooo bad recently. If I'm not catching up on my favourite travel blogs, I'm pinning my day away on Pinterest, mainly of white beaches and clear oceans, or the vibrant Las Vegas strip and the amazing Golden Gate Bridge. I got the bug badddd. Badder than ever.

I've got some really sick ideas lined up for the blog and if anyone has anyone special requests, comment below, tweet @DressedByTwo or email and my partner in crime and I will get to it!

Anyways today was the first Saturday in a while where I've had absolutely no plans. I enjoyed my lye in then decided to head into town with my loved one, Ads. I brought my camera to Adams thinking we'll take a few snaps before we head into town, only to find out it has no battery! I mean, why would I even think it would have battery when I haven't blogged in months? What a spud. So I have to apologise for the image quality.

Please see below some pictures of me prancing around in Adams garden in some new Missguided garms'!

Jumper - £18
Skirt - £16
Coat - Vintage
Boots - Primark 

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