Thursday, 9 July 2015

Exante Diet

Pizza Kit 

Choco Balls

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Breakfast Eggs

Apple & Cinnamon Porridge

Chocolate Coconut Bar (just like a bounty!)

Hey dolls,

Todays post is slightly different to our usual ootd or adventure posts - Today we bring you a DIET REVIEW! 

The diet is called 'Exante Diet' and we've been seeing it EVERYWHERE! If its not being talked about on twitter, it's popping up on instagram or youtube, and you might have seen Sam Bailey talking about it. Yep! Sam Bailey. 2013's X Factor Winner! She teamed up with Exante to lose 2 stone for summer, and she looks incredible.

So, you wanna know how it works? Well, its pretty simple. Actually, it's incredibly simple! I think thats the main reason we've actually managed to stick to this diet, because there's zero preparation involved.
All you have to do is replace your everyday foods with Exante Diet meals. It can be used for up to 6 weeks depending on which diet plan you choose and you have 3 to 4 Exante meals a day. AND THATS IT! Watch those dress sizes drop ladies! The diet choices range from having 600kcals up to 1200kcals, so even you don't want to be losing any weight, you can use this diet to maintain your weight.

Each product has 200 calories or less, are low in carbohydrates and high in protein and be rest assured, they're packed with minerals and vitamins. So, not only are you losing weight, you're losing it in a healthy way.

We were sent a huge box of goodies and have had so much fun making up all our sachets! The most 'cooking' involved was.. adding water. The main reason we liked this diet, is it fits in so well with our lifestyle. We both work full time, we both go to the gym (ok, well, just Lucy) we both lead crazy social lives (currently sat at home with our feet up) but c'monnnn, who seriously has the time to buy the right food, prepare it correctly, cook it healthily etc etc.. this diet was made for people like us. People who desperately want to look like a tumblr girl but are just too lazy!!
We always try to prepare fresh food when we can but sometimes its just so hard to finish a 9 hour shift at work and then to come home and cook up a healthy meal, so thank you to Exante for taking this stress away from us!

The good thing about the Exante products is that they don't taste as though they are healthy! When we were chowing down on our porridge and snacking on a little bag of chocolate balls, we didn't feel unsatisfied after, craving that whole packet of oh so scummy choccy biccies we know we have stashed away in the cupboard! And THAT my friends, is a challenge for us. Like, seriously.

We would definitely recommend this diet to you guys as it literally is so simple, tasty and works wonders! Well done Exante for coming up with a great selection of products and thank you so much for sending us some bits to try out!

Check out their website here for more details or to order some products for yourselves.

Thanks for reading,
Lucy and Katy x


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