Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dressed by Two feat. Eleanor J Shore Scarves

Hi lovelies,

So we were sent some absolutely gorgeous scarves from Eleanor J Shore to style for you guys!
Okay, and we're not just saying this.. THEY ARE SO NICE!!!!

Eleanor J Shore is a small fashion brand that focuses on print design as a form of wearable art. Pretty nifty eh? The brand is also based very close to us, in the creative hub of Bristol. Local, luxurious fabrics and amazing designs? We HAD to review them.

We were sent 4 different designs of 'Mini Scarfs' and each one is so beautifully made. As you can see from our pictures, we were able to use them in many different ways! They are so versatile. (and of course you can wear them around your neck as usual!)

Katy wearing as hairband: 'Kizzie' mini silk scarf

Katy wearing as hat accessory: 'EJS Tile Print' mini silk scarf

Lucy wearing as bag accessory: 'Shura' mini silk scarf

Lucy wearing as belt: 'Arya' mini silk scarf

We would like to say a massive thank you to the team at Eleanor J Shore for sending us these gorgeous pieces to try out! We had so much fun styling them and honestly couldn't recommend them enough. There is a whole range of beautiful designs on the website, so please take a look here!
And if you want to purchase one, I would do it quickly as there are only limited collections of each print to help retain its individuality! (Pretty sweet if you're into limited edition pieces). In other words: Get them before they're gone!!

As always, thanks for reading.
Love, Lucy & Katy x


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