Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dressed By Katy

Good Evening folks!

Normally, I'd shower you with photographs of my #OOTD but this lil blue combo speaks for itself in just three snaps! (..It has nothing to do with the fact I didn't have a photographer and relied on ridiculous arm stretching and the good ol' classic timer. If only you could have seen me snapping my own photos, yikes!...)

I've been shopping in Primark like a crazy woman these past weeks. And you couldn't blame me if you could see all the bargoneous treasures I've been swooping up. Check this acid wash frill top against a dark denim a line skirt, nice right? All for the grand total of £22. Twenty two pounds. 
T w e n t y t w o p o u n d s.

So lets talk about the frill top or at least, what looks like a frill top. This is actually a swimsuit. You probably already know I'm a sucker for a swimsuit. What gets better than a multipurpose piece of clothing? Nothing! I'd wear a swimsuit everyday all day if I could. They're soo comfy. 
You could rock them at the beach tucked into some denim shorts with a kimono thrown on top or you could even add a maxi skirt with thigh high cuts, for a night out in the city! The BEST thing about swimsuits is that they tend to have a deep cut at the back, which means they're perfect for nights out.

Now onto the skirt of dreams.. have you ever heard of an a-line denim skirt thats priced at £12? Me either. It was one of those 'eye-ball-nearly-fell-out-my-head' type moments and then frantically checked EVERY label for my size because, y'know, you can't trust those hanger labels! 

I urge my fellow bargain hunters to enter Primark at your nearest convenience, you won't be disappointed :)

Lots of love, Katy


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