Tuesday, 2 June 2015

1 Dress, 3 Ways

Hi guys! We're SUPER excited to share a 3 part series of '1 Dress, 3 Ways' featuring nothing but good ol' PRIMARK! We hit one of the biggest Primarks ever (Bristol) and went for a right cruise with our wheel-able baskets. There is something pretty therapeutic about shopping in Primark.. (minus having to yank a top down from the tallest rails and wrestling with other ferocious females in there...) but tell us, is there ANY better feeling than getting to the till, handing over tonnes of clothing and then being told the price? That place is cheap as chips. And we just lurrrrve chips.

To check out the series, visit our new sparkly YouTube page here ! (You can also Subscribe if you're feeling super generous..)

We'd love to know your thoughts! Happy shopping at Primark

Love, Dressed By Two


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