Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Dressed By Two

Hey darlings! If you follow us on instagram you would have seen non stop pictures from our recent trip to Dubai. We didn't want to fill our feed with holiday pictures but it was kinda hard not too. Dubai was even more beautiful than we could've imagined!

Our elder sister, Kelly, lives in Dubai as she works for Emirates airline and she is so blimmin' lucky to live along Sheikh Zayed Road.. its pure bliss. By day, all you see is people strolling down the road, skyscrapers tower so insanely high and the boiling sun breaks it's way in-between them. But by night, the skyscrapers are completely lit up, the sky is filled stars and you can hear music leaving car windows and entering the sky. It was an amazing sight to see, we'd watch it everyday if we could. Dubai seemed to be full of wealth.. restaurants were jam packed, women wore pure gold jewellery and you'd often see a car drive past that was probably worth more than your whole family!

There has always been a big thing around dress sense in Dubai.. what's allowed and what isn't. We actually went on a big bus tour and learnt all about the Islamic Dress code which was really interesting. You can read about it here if you're interested. For us, as long as we didn't have our shoulders out or wear ridiculously short skirts in religious areas or the mall, we were able to wear whatever we would like! You obviously wouldn't be allowed to walk down the street in a bikini, but you wouldn't do that anywhere! Of course, on the beach it was absolutely fine to wear beachwear. Going out for dinner or drinks, we wore exactly what we'd wear at home. If anyone has any questions about Dubai, the best place to eat a cupcake or our favourite Dubai shops then feel free to e-mail us or ask us on twitter @DressedByTwo. 

We took some snaps of what we wore during our time over there and here is one of the outfits we wore. We were both definitely diggin' a dark floral metallic vibe!

Katys outfit:
Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

Lucys outfit:
Top - Miss Selfridge
Shorts - Charity Shop
Shoes - New Look

Lots of love, Dressed By Two


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