Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dressed By Katy

(Look at em' in their denim glory)

I can't think of anything more satisfying than sitting in a cosy warm cafe, diving into a creamy strawberry shake and catching up with my gal Lucy. As well as getting proper stuck into a bacon bap. A crispy bacon bap of course. We just lurrve finding new cafes to get cosied up in and try new drinks, it's actually one of our favourite hobbies. Sitting in a cafe definitely is a hobby btw.

I'm a big supporter of local businesses and even in Venice, I begged Adam to take me to Pieros snack bar instead of Mcdonalds. I could only imagine Piero would be suffering due to Mcdonalds opening. Now don't get me wrong, I bloody love a Mcdonalds, TGI's and Starbucks. Especially Starbucks. A 1 shot skinny mocha infact. I even own one of those strange Starbucks cards. It's so bizarre that every time I order a drink I have to put £3 on the card first and then use the card to pay for my drink. The starbucks card gains points. And I'm a gal whose a sucker for points. What do points make? Prizes! If I have to spend an extra 5 minutes ordering a drink for some points, I'mma do it! My purse is filled with endless loyalty cards and I always get a tad disheartened when someone says 'no thank you' when I offer them a loyalty card for my shop. Actually half the time they don't even say thank you, it's just 'No' with a stern look on their face. Yo, its my job.. don't you see I have to ask? Although with an attitude like that you don't deserve the discounts. Ok I'm just being bitter now. I got targets to meet okay? But it pains me you haven't signed up knowing you've missed fab discounts for FREEE!!

Anyway, where exactly was I going with Piero - Mcdonalds - Starbucks? Ah yes, cafes. Lucy and I took up the challenge of finding a new cafe in our Town on Friday. It was pure amazingness. I always prefer going to a local cafe, with locals running the place, local produce and local chairs. YUP. You read that right. This cafe had handmade chairs. The owners of the cafe also run a centre for young adults with support needs as well as a community resource centre. They re-upholster anything they can and the cafe had chairs covered in denim to recycle jeans. This place was the bomb! We were made to feel at home straight away and we loved knowing our money spent will be re-invested into this fabulouso' business.

The cafe is called The Courtyard and we will 100% be returning! Here is some pictures from the cafe and what I was wearing that day.

I'm in love with the colour green, it's so fresh. I started building my outfit by picking my jumper first. I don't know the exact material but it's quite similar to neoprene and adds an unusual texture. The jumper is covered in a range of light and dark green peonie flowers and it really brightens up a dull outfit. I picked it up from Primark for a fiver! I live for bargains, I do.
 I chose to add my new Zara leather skirt to make it a proper juicy green combo! I love faux leather and I love green so this skirt was made for me. It was made for Katy Haines! It cost £25.99 and you can buy it here. My lovely photographer (I see you Lucy) didn't tell me my skirt was all bunched up but I'll forgive her I guess. When it's completely straightened out its gorgeous.
 I desperately wanted to add a green coat but I was starting to look like a cucumber so I threw on this to-die-for coat from Primark, which is now a tenner in the sale. It's currently my favourite coat! Its mainly monochrome on the outside, but the inside and under the pocket flaps it is lined with a fab pop of pink! If there ever were a doll, I'd imagine 'Barbie going to work' would wear this coat.
My boots were a last minute throw on because if you know me, you'll know I'm late for everything. They're so god damn comfy I could sleep in them. They are from ASOS and sadly they've sold out now! When I find a similar pair I'll post them on our instagram (@DressedByTwo)
Lots of love, Katy

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