Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dressed By Katy

As you will know from my previous post, I recently had a birthday. I said goodbye to my teenage years and hit the big two zero! I've never felt my age until now, I really feel 20. Every year my Grandparents will say "How do you feel being a whole year older?" with a big grin on their face expecting me to say "Exactly the same!" but this year is a whole new can of beans. I'm 20 and its fabulous! I feel like being 20 is about knowing your mature and immature qualities, and ladies, I got a few of those. I still live at home, my Mum still wakes me up and often brings me breakfast (I know...she's good!!) and I still ask if its okay to go to the toilet at work. But now I feel like a WOMAN! I'll now stare at the cat thats followed me home instead of awkwardly running away - Mr.Cat I've got confidence now that I'm 20 and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. And I also don't do anymore of that 'meet me outside' business, I'm 20 and I'll now walk into the party by myself - because I'm a WOMAN!

I've actually done some research and found out that 80% of life's most defining moments take place by the time you're 35. I mean, how scary is that? I got 15 years to make some amazzzzing and life defining moments! I'm determined to make my 20's the absolute best. I can't wait to start working hard at a career I've always wanted, I can't wait to marry the boy I met when I was 14 and I can't wait to travel to more amazing places. Heck, I can't even wait for the day I'll look like the morning after when there wasn't even a night before. Or better yet, when I bend down to get something, I'll look to see if theres anything else I can do whilst I'm down there! Although hopefully I've got a few decades to get through before I've got to deal with the last two.

Anyways the whole reason I'm even writing this post is because Lucy gave me some FAB birthday presents!! Uh, how gorgeously amazing is this denim ASOS jumpsuit? It's wide legged but fitted at the waist and bust and it's floral print. Amazing. It's incredibly lightweight so it's perfect for the summer, or if worn with a roll neck - perfect for this cold winter. You can buy it here and its only £11!

Thanks for reading Chickas, Love Katy x 

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