Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Resolutions by Lucy

So I've given my (slightly late) New Years Resolutions some deep thought this year. I wanted to think realistically what I could achieve and what I actually want to get from the year 2015. Last year I think I said I'd give up chocolate or something ridiculous.. That was obviously never going to happen!
Although my resolutions are quite similar to what most people will want to do, I'm feeling really determined this year and by breaking them down into smaller categories as well, I think might just help me on my journey!
So, here we go...

1. Travel
This year I thought I would have saved enough money to go on some kind of amazing around-the-globe backpacking trip! As it happens I am probably the poorest right now than I have ever been, so there's that plan straight out the window.
Last year I was lucky enough to work on a cruise ship which sailed around the Mediterranean, meaning I visited some absolutely stunning places. I am so grateful for that experience as I never would have even thought to have visited those places out of choice and I was blown away by how much I liked them.
Although there is no cruise ship this year, I want to try and continue to tick off a good few destinations from my bucket list by going on various short weekend breaks. This way, I can go somewhere, see the things I want, come home a happy chappy, and wham bam thank you mam, onto the next one!

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2. Career
As stated above, I am extremely poor and this is something that I literally cannot stand any longer! I'm sure we all know that you do not get paid a high amount when working in retail.. Even more so when you are stuck on a zero hour contract and get given minimal shifts due to cut backs. *cry*
Although I'm still not exactly sure on what I want to do for the rest of my life, (please tell me no one actually does!) I feel that a new way of life is in order.. and most certainly a new or additional job!
I'm hoping my enthusiasm, professionalism, politeness (and dashing good looks, OI OI!) will put me on the right path to finding a job I can get really stuck into and enjoy! THIS IS THE YEAR.

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3. Look after myself
So there are a couple of things I mean by this:

  • Fitness: I was getting quite good at regularly gymming towards the end of last year and I'm hoping to keep this up, plus more! I want to see a real change in my body and be proud of it.
  • H2O: I 100% need to increase the amount of water I drink. It can be difficult to grab a drink at work sometimes when you're super busy but this is something I will have to try and change!
  • Self improvement: Sometimes I feel really crappy about myself if I haven't taken the time to properly prepare myself for the day. I want to have a 'self improvement night' at least once a week, just to chill out at home, do my nails, apply a dab of fake tan and apply hair and face masks. I always feel so much better after doing this so I need to make it routine.
  • Happiness: Sometimes I think we can all get so caught up in the stresses of life that we often forget to just appreciate all that we have and just be.. happy! I'm ready to be happy, are you?!
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4. Experience
So although I want to save money, as well as going on trips, I think it is important to spend money on experiences. Don't get me wrong, I love splashing the cash on new clothing but I want to be able to look back on my life and remember all the wonderful memories I have doing special things with my friends and family. So bring on the music gigs, the afternoon teas and walks around the park with loved ones!
I'm also wanting to indulge myself into new experiences.. I walked past a church the other day and saw they host a coffee morning once a week and thought how cute is that?! It may not be right for me but hey, how will I know if I never try? Embracing the unknown can sometimes work out beautifully and you can find out things you never even knew about yourself.

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I hope this hasn't been too rambling for you to read! As you can hopefully see, I am feeling positive this year of what I want to achieve. What are your goals for this year? Let us know!

Thanks for reading,
Lucy x

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