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Resolutions by Katy

If you are a blog reading, instagram stalking, tweet patrolling lass like myself - you would've probably seen everyone has been splashing their New Years Resolutions blog links EVERYWHERE. I've read about 10 blog posts this morning and literally become so inspired I ran upstairs to get my laptop. Running is not a usual thing in my daily life, so that just shows how much inspiration just bit me on the arse. I also really hate to be a sheep but after all this influence from fellow bloggers, I felt like I really wanted to do my own post on resolutions.

Until this morning, I hadn't even thought about making any New Years Resolutions because every other year I usually forget about them by the time I've hit February (February is my birthday month - it's an exciting time!). But I think because my goals are so unrealistic, I tend to push them to back of my mind and don't think about them again until the same time the following year. Last year I think one of my resolutions was "Get my acrylic nails infilled more often instead of letting them grow out. You are gross." That may seem like a practical New Years Resolution to have, but not when you live in my town. There's a million more things I'd like to be doing rather than sitting opposite my nail technician who talks to the other nail technician in a different language really quietly and giggles a whole lot. I mean, talk about making you feel paranoid. I'm constantly thinking, ah hell, she's talking about my cuticles right now isn't she? 

I think as long as my goals are more about the things that I actually want to do instead of thinking I should do, I will hopefully - fingers crossed - complete or work towards everything on my list!

1) Get up earlier

For every right reason. I need to get up earlier for work so I actually have time to brush my hair before my shift. I need to get up earlier to get my to-do lists ticked off. I need to get up earlier to see some amazing sunrises with Adam.

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2) Visit more places

I was so lucky that 2014 took me to Miami, Florida and Thailand. And 2013 took me to Turkey, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, France and Pisa. But 2015 will take me to even more places. I'm ticking places off like nobodies business and 2015 will definitely take me to Poland to visit Auschwitz.

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3) Scrapbooking

I was sat down with my Granny and Grandad a few evenings ago and they had brought round all their photo albums. It made me quite sad having to show them my photos from my Facebook and Instgram account. I want to get a Project Life scrapbook and divide the book into months. At the end of every month I'll pop to tesco, print my photos off and start placing them in my book. I'd really like to have a scrapbook for every year so when I'm 99 and feelin fine, I can refer back to my amazing memories!

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4) Make interior

At the moment, everywhere I look is people becoming more creative and creating things for their own homes. My amazing and talented best friend Emma Parker studies surface pattern design and creates all these amazing pieces of art for duvets, curtains and pillows etc. Emma's in her own league and there is no way I'm going to be able to keep up with her! But in 2015 I'd like to give Lino Printing a real go and create some cushions as well as making my own roman blind from scratch. If anyone else wants to join me on a more creative 2015, I'd definitely recommend watching Kirstie Allsopps Handmade Britain programme.

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5) Make money go further

I've never really been that organised with my money. If I see something I like, I'll probably buy it and won't even think of looking elsewhere to get it cheaper. I'm going to make a real effort to search for a bargain price and ask myself 'Do I really need this?' before every purchase. Coins made from chocolate could probably go further as well.. eating 20 coins in 10 minutes is not normal or healthy and is pretty nasty.

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What are your New Years Resolutions? Drop me a comment!
Lots of love, Katy 

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