Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dressed By Katy

Good evening ladies!

We took some time off over Christmas from our blog because we both work in retail and both worked crazy hours during the festive period. We literally never saw the sun for about 3 weeks! No sun = gross indoor un-natural lighting for photographs and that just wouldn't cut it for our beloved blog!

Last Saturday I visited Bath in Somerset with Adam for some naughty sale shopping. Adam came back with tonnes of jewellery and I came back with one top and a bag of percy pigs. Why is it every time you have money, you can't find anything you want?! But of course, before we set off for the day I asked Adam to take a few snaps of my outfit to share with you.

Coat - ASOS, £60
Top - ASOS, £14
Skirt - ASOS, £38
Boots - ASOS, £50 (sold out)

ASOS are slayin' atm.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year! Heres to 2015!

Katy x


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