Monday, 12 January 2015


Hi Ladies!

We're here tonight to celebrate the amazing Bloggers Hub website launch. Bloggers Hub is a platform for bloggers, who organise events, offer gifting opportunities as well as cheeky discounts just for bloggers! 

Through Bloggers Hub we were sent some amazing goodies from @LouiseFerdinand and @MakeupNailsTan. Lucy picked a gorgeous handmade bra from Louise Ferdinand, MakeUpNailsTan sent us two Concealer and Corrector Palette's, one in Medium and one in Light, as well as two Liquid Eyeliner and one LipLiner! 

In all honesty we don't really splash out on expensive underwear so it was so exciting to be sent a piece from such a luxury lingerie brand. The 'Jessica' bra is lovely. It's lace detailing and slightly wider straps make the bra beautiful to look at as well as being super comfy!

The palettes are amazing - they're so pigmented and really work! We both suffer with dark circles around our eyes, and holy pie, the yellow highlighter literally vanishes them! Luckily, on the blemishes part, we're doing alright at the moment but as soon as one decides to poke up, the green corrector will sort it straight away! The other colours ranged from light to medium in both packs so its really useful for highlighting as well as hiding unevenness, as well as giving you a flawless complexion.

The liquid liner is fab. We'd 100% recommend it. Sometimes black eyeliners turn out not to be black. This one is BLACK! Jet black! It slides on, dries quickly and has an amazing pointed tip which is perfect for making a defined sharp flick.

And as for the lip liner, not only is the colour (Fuchsia) gorgeous, the lip liner itself stayed put for the entire day, it didn't bleed into the little cracks around our lips and it felt velvety! It's also waterproof which is a massive bonus for these hideous rainy days!


Lucys outfit:
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Topshop
Sandals: New Look

Katys outfit:
Top: Miss Selfridge
Roll neck: New Look
Pinafore (worn as skirt): Miss Selfridge
Mules: Primark
Duster jacket: Primark

Check out twitters hashtag 'BHTwitterParty' right now and you'll see loads of posts from tonnes of bloggers celebrating this great brand! Come over to Twitter and join us! We're @DressedByTwo. 

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next one!
Love, Lucy and Katy x



  1. Hey guys! I found your blog through the #BHTWITTERPARTY last night! Such a cute blog, and you're so lucky that you have got each other to help each other out with taking pictures, thinking prbiseawbetc. Such a lovely idea :) <3

    1. Awh hello hunny! The twitter party was so much fun, right?
      Yeah it's definitely a help, don't know what we'd do without each other. I swear it wouldn't be half as fun either! We have a right giggle :) xx


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