Monday, 24 November 2014

GoldSlinger Tattoos

If you worship Beyonce and stalk her as much as we do, you'd have seen her rocking the silver and gold temporary tattoos. Ever since we saw Queen B styling them, we knew we HAD to try them! Temporary tattoos really remind us of our summers we spent at a caravan when we were little. We'd buy a red heart or a devil tat and slap it straight onto our upper arms and walk around trying to show off to the other kids!

Sticking to wearing just silver accessories or just gold, are long gone. Everyone seems to be mixing up their metallics whether its in their outfits or accessories and the same rules apply for temp tattoos. Mix em' up and watch your skin glow!

We were lucky enough to be sent a sheet of Tattoos from GoldSlinger. They currently sell 6 different sheets and you can buy them here for £5.95 each. They are so easy to apply, they last for days and they're a chic and comfortable alternative to bangles. They will look fabulous at your Christmas party, on the beach and at festivals! These babies are so versatile, you can wear them for everyday use.

Thank you so much to Nola from GoldSlinger for sending us these gorgeous tattoos! If you want to get your hands on some or fancy checking them out, click on the links below:

Heres a few ways we've been wearing our Klara set!



  1. Wow these tattoo's are awesome, I definitely need some! x

    1. Thanks lovely, you should definitely give them a go! Katys bracelet tattoo is still on after a week. They're amazing! xx


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