Sunday, 30 November 2014

Annabelles Wigs Challenge #ABloggersXmas

 Good Evening Ladies and Gents!

I am so excited to say I've been given the amazing opportunity to take part in #AnnabellesWigsChallenge and style a 3/4 wig in three different ways! The fabulous Zaineb from Blogging Gals made this happen for me and for that, I am so thankful! If any of you blogging beauties are looking for a great blogging community and insane opportunities, I'd definitely check them out! 

After choosing a wig from Annabelles Wigs, I worked up some real excitement waiting for it to arrive which resulted in me stroking the wig for nearly 3 hours when the postman delivered it! Sounds creepy, I hear ya. But if any of you dive into the wig world, you won't be able to get your mitts off it either! It's sooo smooth.

You can leave your natural hair down, but I chose to attach my wig in this method:

Section off the front part of your hair and put the remainder of your hair into a ponytail. Fix the wig to the crown of your head and at the nape of your neck. Take your front section and brush it over the wig. Voila!

Then this is when the fun kicked in, I could start playing around with different hairstyles. Here are a few photos of my 3 way wig challenge!

This is how the wig looks without any styling.. amazing, right?

Half up Half down (been rocking this look since 1995')

Messy plait

And a twist on the signature ballet bun!

The wig is incredibly easy to attach, the hair is smooth, the possibilities of styling are endless and it really gave my hair the needed bounce its been craving! Everything about Annabelles Wigs seems easy and I'd 100% recommend them! Not only can you send them a photo of your hair in natural lighting to get a perfect match, they have step by step tutorials on their website to answer any of your questions you'd ever ask! Talk about user friendly.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Blogging Gals and Annabelles Wigs for this incredible opportunity and I really enjoyed styling my gorgeous wig!

 Lots of love, Katy


  1. Love the way you styled it in the Braid / Bun So versatile !!! I loved taking part in this challenge & I loved your variations :)
    Serene xoxo

    1. Thank you lovely girlie! Aw, yours is great! xxx


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