Monday, 27 October 2014

Katys Wishlist October 2014'


Hi lovelies!

I haven't done a wish list in a while and seeing as its PayDay tomorrow, the shopping bug has bit me again and I'm super excited to buy some new things!

Biker Jacket - This gorgeous, stunning, amazing piece of pink heaven has just landed at ASOS for £55.00. It's described as having a smooth glossy fabric and as I'm sure you all already know, I'm BIG on textures! Hello part jacket, part pillow.

Gold Horizontal Bar Necklace - How amazingly beautiful is this? Its a very minimalistic necklace, but boy it will make such a statement! It's 14k gold and you haven't even heard the best news yet - you can pick the necklace length as well as having it engraved! It's only £28.00 and you could wear this every single day.

NoteBook - I introduce to you, a personalised notebook Ladies and Gents! School was a long time ago, but I'll never forget how excited I would be to go on the "September Stationary Shop for School". If these were a thing back then, I would've owned 5, maybe even 10! They're handmade, there are 12 personalisation choices and a whole range of colours to choose from. I would like one for myself but they'd make fantastic Christmas presents for stationary lovers like myself.

Classy York Watch - I'd say this is the watch to buy if you're after one to suit all seasons. It comes with a stunning brown crocodile leather strap but as its interchangeable, you can buy other straps to suit your occasions! Its £119, which is a fab price for something you'll get so much wear out of.

Grey Courts - I'm constantly saying to Lucy 'Why don't we own any grey heels!!?'. Our wardrobe is literally screaming out for some patent pointed grey heels, I can even hear it now. Shh wardrobe! These are only £25 and can be bought from the lovely Dotty Ps.

Paisley Print Skirt - If you haven't noticed already, I've really got into this whole boho western vibe and I've been diggin' anything mustard, tan and burnt orange. This skirt is only £9.99 and will be perfect layered with some winter knits or paired with a shirt and cardigan combo. 

Plum Boots - I was lucky enough to purchase some Glastonbury tickets and I've been on the festival clothing and shoe hunt ever since! Yes it may not be until June but I take this festival-wear malarky very seriously! I've fallen in a deep love with these amazing Plum Ankle boots from USC for £55.00. They look like a stylish pair of study shoes, that will be able to cope with the 1000 miles I'll be walking everyday.

Lace Gloves - I recently came across a really similar expensive pair whilst looking on Pinterest and made it my mission to find an affordable cappuccino colour set. These babies are only £15.93 and even though they are typically worn at Weddings, I'd wear these for day to day use! 

Pyjama Playsuit - Back to that boho vibe I've been yapping on about, how lush is this playsuit? It's ticking all the boxes for me! Its a nice and relaxed playsuit which I picture paired with a fur gilett, knee high boots and topped with a fedora!

I hope you've enjoyed my wish list, whats on yours?

Love, Katy


  1. Hi Katy

    Thanks for sharing your wishlist. I'm so glad I came onto your website because ive been looking for a pair of plum boots just like the USC pair!

    I have plum boots, a yellow boxy crop top and a lime green tote bag on my wishlist.

    1. Hi Shelley!
      Aw thanks so much for your lovely comment. I know, how gorgeous are they?

      If you want any help finding items from your wishlist shoot me an email at !

      Katy x

  2. I like the bohemian look too and found monsoon have some lovely accessories for that type of look. You should look online. Xx

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your comment. One of my dear friends works in monsoon actually so ill definitely ask her all about it when I see her next! Thanks lovely xx


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