Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dressed By Katy

On Friday I spent the evening in Bristol as it was my lovely boyfriends, lovely mummies 50th birthday. We left as soon as we finished work and arrived at 'The Bristol Hotel'. It's lush! The staff are friendly, the rooms are a-bit-of-alright and the the location? Well, its spot on. The main nightlife is just a minute walk away.

We spent the evening at the amazing all you can eat buffet called Za Za Bazaar. It's ridiculous. Good ridiculous. There's just so much food in one place. Several times, Adam made me get extra helpings when I didn't even want too because you get a little conscious people are clocking how many times you're going up. It's not so bad when theirs two of you doing it right? Okay, fine. Maybe I was the one forcing Adam to come with me. Who cares.

As soon as our stomachs were filled, we headed downstairs to the Za Za Bazaar bar. (oh my god, say that out loud. Za Za Bazaar Bar. What a lil tongue twister!) We had a few drinks and as the night went on, we were all getting tired so we decided to head back to the hotel for a quiet drink to end the evening. The drinks were ordered, everyone picked their seats and I visited the ladies to freshen up. And to stock up my handbag up on the luxurious paper towels. Hey, you never know when you're going to need one of those! By the time I got back their was a comfy white leather stool waiting for me. I took a sip of my drink and just enjoyed a little bit of silence because the previous bar had been quite loud. 

Next thing you know, a lady is smacking sticks on what looks like over a £1000 table, a guy is playing a guitar in a musical shirt, another guy starts playing his harmonica and then every 2 minutes or so, another man would chime in with his harmonica. I use the word chime lightly. After what seems 2 days but in reality only 20 minutes, it was absolute chaos. I'd say around 30 men were now blowing into their harmonicas, playing all sorts of different tunes and it was just soo hilarious. We'd walked into this strange, hilarious yet interesting harmonica convention! At one point I even saw two men having a 'harmonica-off' if such a thing exists. We were laughing our heads off, so much for that quiet drink. Even though it was crazy, I must say some of the musicians were extremely talented at playing the harmonica and I'm actually kind of tempted to buy myself one! If it takes off, maybe I'll be there next year joining in and scaring off some poor hotel guests trying to celebrate a 50th birthday with my harmonica!

Before we headed out, I of course, took a few snaps of what I was wearing. I loved the outfit but didn't really think it through. Bell sleeves at an all you can eat buffet? I nearly dropped them in the Chinese Chicken dish!

Dress - BooHoo, £6
Waistcoat - Missguided, £29.99
Belt - Charity Shop, £4
Hat - River Island, £25



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