Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dressed By Katy

Hi everyone! 

I've just returned from a 2 week trip to Thailand with my boyfriend, to celebrate 5 years of being an item! It was the most amazing trip I've ever encountered and I feel so lucky to of had the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world. There will be a post soon of everything we got up to and what I packed!

 Now that I'm back in England, I'm feeling the holiday blues big time. Before I jetted off, the sun was shining and now it seems the weather has dropped about 30 degrees in the space of 2 weeks! The sky keeps opening and the clouds won't stop crying and my hair is getting huge. I'm in a bad place right now all in all! But whilst I was away I found the ultimate styling piece. As you can tell, I hate the cold and as Adam insists on having the air-con full blast, I ended up wearing my sports leggings around the apartment. I started wearing them with just casual t-shirts and then I had an epiphany! Sports leggings are the ultimate staple everyone has in their wardrobes and who knew they could be worn as an everyday piece? They are comfy, figure flattering and make every outfit look cool. Sports luxe is made easy when you throw a pair of these on!

I teamed the leggings with my new patterned t-shirt from H&M mens section, which was a steal at only £7.99! It isn't available online but there were tonnes in store. I added a longline waistcoat which I've been lusting over for a while now, its from Missguided for £29.99 and you can get it here. To finish the outfit off, I added my gorgeous lime sandals from Topshop for £40 to incorporate some colour.

I hope you enjoyed my post, it's great to be back!

Love, Katy 



  1. I'd never think to wear gym clothes in the day but I will now! Great photos. !

    Hannah x Isaac

    1. Haha thanks lovely. I know! I'm just threw it on and thought well, it's sports luxe ;) xx

  2. Love your style. Do you have instagram? xx

    1. Hello, yes our joint instagram is @dressedbytwo, Katys is @katyhainesxx and Lucy's is @lucy_haines ! Xx


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