Thursday, 21 August 2014


How beautiful is this? No picture could capture how amazing this was to see

Meet Grandad, Mum and Granny and two hot totties named Lucy and Katy

Lucys outfit:
Tinsel bomber - Topshop
Denim Shirt - New Look
Top - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Trainers - Nike

Katys outfit -
Top - Topshop
Skirt - Oasis
Jumper - Topshop
Coat - Topshop
Boots - Topshop

Our Grandparents have been married 53 years, they still laugh at each others jokes and you can guarantee Grandad will pull this face in 99% of photos!

K: Our Grandparents are annual members of National Trust and are always travelling around the Area, visiting new places. Lucy and I have said we must become members so we can spend more days with our lovely Grandparents as well as the fact I'm a massive history boffin. I could spend days reading about the way of life from the 40's or the trends from the 20's. I love that everything we do in our era is a result of how others lived in theirs. Everything from; how we build our houses, to accents, to hobbies and activities! Humans are such clever things and every time I step into a place like Stourhead and read all about the history, I remind myself of how far we've come. 

ANYWAY, back to business. Lucy and I planned to have a fat lazy day on our day off but as our Grandparents are so generous, as soon as my mum mentioned we were all off on the same day, they got ready, picked us up and next thing ya know we were having a squashed journey to Stourhead. 

The tickets bought allowed us to visit the gardens and the house - both just as beautiful and worth seeing. It was so nice just to be somewhere new, with amazing views and hearing stories we've heard before from our Grandparents. After we walked for a few miles, we were treated to lunch in the local pub and then headed to the House. 

The Hoare family owned the House since the early 1700's and as you moved around the House, their were information sheets in every room, helping you piece together the story and history behind the family. Neither our Mum nor our Grandparents even attempted to show they were interested in anything except the decoration, as they practically raced through the house! But Luce and I loved every second.

We had a great day and we will definitely be getting memberships. There is so much out there we don't know anything about and I think National Trust will sort that out! We're constantly saying 'there is nothing to do around here' when there definitely is! We finished the day with everyone coming back to ours for a cuppa and a cake (such typical Brits).

I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe it'll inspire you youngins' to join National Trust,

Love Katy x


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