Friday, 8 August 2014

Shopping hints and tips

Hey everyone!

So as you may have noticed, Katy and myself absolutely love to shop! Whether it be online, on the high street, in malls, one-off boutiques, or markets and car boot sales. We love it all!
There is no greater feeling for us than browsing around, and buying a beautiful piece of clothing to add to our wardrobes. Unless of course, you can get that item at a discount!
(Am I right, or am I right?)
So, I thought it would be a great idea for me to share some tips on how we shop around to get a total bargain, and if you have any hints yourself, share below so we can all live happily ever after with some new shopping knowledge :)

First things first.. Ebay.

To be honest, I don't do allll that much shopping on here and its something I kick myself for! A friend of mine uses it daily to hunt around for the best bargains. She will see something she likes in a shop and then log onto ebay to find that item at a much nicer price! Admittedly, it can take some time for your dream item to be up for grabs on here, but totally worth it in the end once you see how many pennies you have saved!

I am probably a bit too impatient to use it as much as others do but I will try harder at this as 'every little helps' as they say. However, this brings me onto my next tip: Depop.

Now I believe Depop is a fairly new app on the shopping scene and a very cheap way to buy current clothes at a fraction of the high street cost.
It is very similar to ebay in the way it is people selling their unwanted clothing online but I find that people are selling their items much cheaper on here than they would elsewhere. It is also a great place to find things that are still up for sale in shops. If you want that beautiful, new - but slightly pricey Topshop skirt, check out Depop before you go buying!
Also great about this app, you can offer to 'swap' an item of your own clothing for someone else's! So you're enhancing your wardrobe with one new item, whiles also getting rid of another. Perfect.

Next on my list: Online deals.

I'm sure most online retailers will have this kind of offer on their websites, but Missguided is one that stands out for this type of offer. 'Sweet Deals' are a range of basics that are super cheap, yet lovely, and perfect for when you have a night out with the girls but payday is still a million years away. You can pick from dresses, tops, bodysuits, skirts and even onesies in this section and one of the cheapest items I spotted was a playsuit for £2.39! 
It is well worth checking out these kind of deals and also 'SALE' sections are sure to give you some great bargains.

Another online gem: Email subscriptions.

Now I know they can get seriously annoying sometimes, when your mail inbox is stuffed full of every shop in the world tying to show you what you can buy. However, if you register for the right kind of emails, you are onto a winner!
Take USC for example.. Being a subscriber gives you the chance to buy an item that is full price in shops and online, at a much cheaper rate. In every email you receive, you can see the 'editors cut' which is the special deal for you that day. You can find these deals if you're not a subscriber, however, you have to tap it into the search bar as it is quite hidden on the website so receiving the emails can serve as a helpful reminder!

Shop: Vintage and in Charity shops.

Okay so this one might seem completely obvious to some people, although I think there are still a huge number of people that probably don't even think about stepping into a charity or vintage store. Myself and Katy have found some absolute treasures in charity shops over the past few years, and whenever we go somewhere on a day trip we will usually always pop into a few charity shops to check what they have to offer!
Vintage shopping is completely new to us but it is such a fun way to shop! I was impressed and inspired by the recent series from Dawn O'Porter about vintage clothes and shopping, called 'This Old Thing'. If you haven't watched any of the programmes, do it! I now feel I have so many creative ideas of how to look for great vintage pieces and how to tailor them to suit me. I also thought that shopping vintage would be expensive, but it is completely the opposite! Of course, if you're buying a one-off Dior dress then sadly that is not the case...

Onto the next one: Vouchers.

They are always available but so easily forgotten about! Paper vouchers are not used as much today as they used to be, or you may only be given one after you have purchased something in store, to increase the chances of becoming a repeat customer. However if you sign up to a voucher website, you can get sent vouchers in an email for free! A few of my favourites include Vouchercloud, Dealcloud and Wowcher. These can offer discounts in shops, salons, hotels, restaurants, home ware, electronics and learning courses. Simply check your emails before you head to the check out and you could save yourself some money with a voucher you got for free. Yes please!

Last but not least: Social media

At the moment it is almost crucial for a retailer to be on some kind of social media, to stay in the public eye and to show off their products with ease. I follow many shops on twitter and instagram and it can be a helpful way to get a discount.. and fast!
As well as showing how to style items, this is great for offering up discount codes for you to enter at the checkout. In the past week I have seen special offers for: free next day delivery, 20% off for students, 15% off holiday shop and so on.. for various different retailers. These kind of promotions are usually only available for a short period of time, so you have to be quick, but it can be great if you were planning on doing an online shopping spree for that website anyway!

I hope this post was helpful to all you savvy shoppers and it would be great to hear if you have used any of these tips or have some tips to share yourselves! Please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

I am totally done with talking now, don't worry! ;) But below is what you can see coming up on the blog within the next couple of days...


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