Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dressed by Two

Hey everyone!
So as the weather has been so beaut recently, we decided to take a trip to the beach. We went with our family to Bowleaze to have a stroll all up over the hill, and then stopped off in a pub.. Which lead to us being sat there in the beer garden for a few hours! Ahh, bliss.

Dress: River Island
Sun Hat: Charity Shop
Sandals: Primark


Top: USC
Culottes: Primark
Sandals: Primark
Ear rings: River Island

Matching Primark sandals as they are the comfiest things in the world!

This was us trying to take a 'selfie' but the sun was too bright for our little eyeballs to cope with and the camera just would not take the picture! So it caught us both looking away at exactly the same time!
Yeaaaah.. Think it's probably one of those you-have-to-be-there-to-find-it-funny moments.

Yes. We are those people that take pictures of food. But HELLO, this was too yummy not to snap!

It was such a lovely day and it was cute to spend the day somewhere that we used to go a lot when we were kiddies. Our grandparents used to own a caravan at Waterside caravan park so this area brings back so many happy family memories!

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Goodbye from us and Father Haines xxx


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  1. Lovely girls :)

    xx C├ęcile


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