Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dressed By Katy


This is an old post from my old blog which I thought I'd upload as my feelings for lilac still remain! Lilac has been my favourite colour this season because I think it goes with everything. I have 3 lilac midi skirts that I'm going to wear till death and this is just a few ways I've been styling them.

First outfit:
I was kindly sent this skirt by Fortune Clothing yesterday in the post and as soon as it arrived, I was out in the woods snapping photos! I am so thankful to Fortune for sending me the skirt, it is perfect for my wardrobe, it fits comfortably and it's so nice & airy. It's my new 'go-to' pick for the hot summer days that are coming (please come!..). I wanted to keep the outfit quite light so added this gorgeous statement belt from River Island I bought 2 years ago, some ridiculously uncomfortable shoes from New Look which I won't be wearing again sadly.. even though they're so beautiful :(. I found the t-shirt right at the bottom of a drawer, I'd completely forgotten I even owned it but I love the neckline and think it pairs quite nicely with the belt.

Second outfit: I bought this lilac midi skirt from BooHoo around 2 months ago but it's still available, you can get it here. It's a lot thicker than the first skirt, so it's perfect for days that are a bit cooler. I think you can throw together any pastel colour pieces and the outfit will work, so I added an old mint pleated crop top from Topshop and to add some texture, I added a white sleeveless leather jacket from Forever 21. My belt is an oldie from River Island but I wear it with everything! I'm in major need of some new belts, even I'm getting sick of looking at this one now! Then for my shoes, after taking ages to find a pair that worked, I put on these low heel black suede sandals from New Look.

Third outfit: I know this skirt has been bought and styled by a million fashion bloggers but it was £12 and we obviously all couldn't resist a bargain like that! It's from the glorious Primark, land of beautiful garments with prices cheap as chips. I wore the skirt with a low crop top from Zaras sale and my kimono is another goodie sent to me by Fortune Clothing! And what I call my little silver princess shoes are from USC, you can find them here on sale for just £13.

I hope you enjoyed my post,

Katy x

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