Friday, 1 August 2014

Dressed by Katy

When I visited Oxford St last week, I walked into Primark and saw these amazing wide leg trousers in the far distance. I could've sworn there was a bright light circling them, as if the fashion Gods were telling me 'you HAVE to buy them'. 

Primark is so crazy I love it! It almost feels like it's the law to go into Primark with a bargain shopping mindset and a weapon in hand (a wheelie basket). Forget waiting in queue to see if your size is on the rail, heck I had girls left, right and centre pushing in and grabbing their sizes. You have to be selfish in there, its like the making of The Purge 3!

Knowing I grabbed the last size 10 in these trousers was a moment to be proud of, I love em'. They were only £10 and have an elasticated waist so it makes them super comfy. I can't help but walk with longer strides in these, I just feel so funnnnkay!

The top is also from Primark for just a fiver and I think it's perfect for mixing up textures. My lipstick is a mix of Morange and Myth from MAC and my shoes are my new favourite babies I wrote about in my last post from Primark.

I hope you enjoyed my post and excuse the messy hair, I actually tried to style it this way. Why does 'the messy look' never work out unless you're just about to get in the shower or bed? I'll master it one day!

Thanks for reading chicas, Love Katy

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  1. i love your top !

    xx C├ęcile


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