Saturday, 19 July 2014

Katys Wishlist


Hi lovelies, I tweeted a few days ago (@Katy_mh) that I'm starting to develop a twitch as I haven't shopped in so long. Although I was joking, I think it's time to dust off my purse and get shopping! I created a wish list from a few of my favourite shops in preparation for a shopping trip this weekend.

I started by adding shoes. How do I not own a single pair of courts? ...Or amazing buckled pink suede shoes?! I then realised I'm in desperate need of new trousers and all three of these tick the 'patterned or bold colour trouser' boxes. I added the gorgeous pink matte nail varnish as I NEED it, it's too gorgeous not to own, right? I then found an amazing metallic sports tee which I think my wardrobe currently lacks and finally, I added the Olay Cleansing system as I've been breaking out a lot recently due to the hot weather.

I hope you liked having a read of what I'm currently lusting over and if you want to see what Lucy has got her eyes on, come back tomorrow!

Love, Katy


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